Healing You

Inside Out

Licensed Psychologist, Spiritual Director & Episcopal Priest With 48-year Experience


Experienced Caring Psychologist in The Bay Area, CA

Let's start with you. Where are you now in your life?

Are you . . .

  • Needing someone to talk to who really listens?
  • Coping with feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger, or loss of interest?
  • Needing to change: your self, work, relationships, or family life?
  • Dealing with major life changes?
  • Exploring spiritual dimensions or faith questions?

These are the typical concerns of people who seek my help. Whenever a critical event convinces us to seek assistance, it opens the door to uncovering what is going on inside of us with a trusted professional.

I would like to be that person in your life.

Why Select Me?

After more than 45 years of experience as a Licensed Psychologist offering psychotherapy and more than 30 years as a Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader, I know the ups and downs of life at every stage. I have experienced them, and I have accompanied hundreds of others on their unique, individual journeys.

If you decide to let me become the experienced, honest, and compassionate companion to your own life experience, I can help you change. You do not have to stay stuck in an unrewarding life or lifestyle. A relationship with a Therapist or Spiritual Companion is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves!

Dr. Bonnie Ring

Are You Ready to Gift Yourself?

In such a supportive and encouraging relationship, you can:

  • Examine the significant factors that are influencing you in every aspect of your life
  • Trust the process of peeling off the layers of self-image and deceit to discover who you really are
  • Identify what needs to change to make your life more effective and satisfying
  • Learn self-affirming skills
  • Identify new coping behaviors and strategies that will make a difference; and
  • Discover how a sense of the Holy can expand your hope and fulfillment


1972 Doctorate From Boston University

Licensed as a Psychologist in California, 1974

Registered as a Health Service Provider, 1974

Trained as a Spiritual Director at Mercy Center, Burlingame, 1988